There is no doubt that valuable paintings and fine art are safest left on the wall in a climate-controlled space. There are some unavoidable reasons when artwork needs to be moved; it may be bought or sold, you may lend it for exhibition, or you may need to ship it to a conservator for repair or restoration. The ideal choice in any of these situations is to use a shipping company that specializes in fine art. But if you must hand carry or ship a painting, here are some tips:

Tips for packing a painting to hand carry it: 

  • Don’t put your painting in a car trunk where the temperatures might be harmfully extreme
  • Make sure to use enough padding to protect fragile frame edges
  • It’s best to wrap your painting in paper, ensuring it doesn’t touch the painting itself
  • Don’t use tape on the painting or frame
  • make sure to secure your painting in the car; leaning it on the seat unsecured is risky
  • Transporting the painting laid flat in the rear of the car is best

Tips for packing a painting to be shipped:

  • Pack your painting in a box within a box, and use foam packing between the boxes
  • The outer box should be waterproof, while the inner box should be cushioned on all sides to protect the painting
  • Ensure nothing in the package is loose and can shift during shipment
  • Assemble and secure the packing boxes with screws; don’t risk puncturing the painting by using nails
  • In transporting to the shipping center, secure it within your car to prevent shifting
  • Use synthetic foam packing material. Do not use shredded paper, felt, crumpled tissue paper, or excelsior

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